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Hoodoo Murder

Published Feb. 2013. Available from Amazon

The sensational murder and kidnapping in Rosemont made the papers in New Orleans. The Times-Picayune ran a small paragraph on the story:  City Southern Bank Vice President, Martin Burke, stabbed to death in his Rosemont home. His four-year-old stepdaughter, Darla Warner, is missing. A spokesperson for the Rosemont Police Department has confirmed the death and the apparent abduction, but there are no other comments at this time.

Darla’s wealthy grandparents hire Private Investigator Ladonna Rose to find the little girl. Since the death of her young son, Teddy, this is Ladonna’s first case involving a child.

In a sizzling southern summer the search for Darla takes Ladonna into the swamp to find a voodoo priestess. Then to New Orleans where an event from Ladonna’s past resurfaces and tangles with her present quest. Voodoo and angry relatives combine to hinder Darla’s rescue.

The police have made no arrests but the members of Darla’s family are busy hurling accusations at one another. Each of the divorced parents is certain that the other has killed Martin and taken Darla. Then, an audit discloses that a large amount of money is missing from City Southern Bank. All the evidence points to Martin having taken it.


Was Ross Delroque worth more dead than alive? Or was he about to report a toxic waste dump? P.I. Ladonna Rose searches for answers among his sadly dysfunctional family to arrive at the truth.

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Legion's Land

     Legion's Land  ISBN - 978-1-61309-916-2
     This futuristic novel is set in a far different United States.  The states are no longer united.  After the Great Destruction, read World War, in an effort to restore order and safety people are willing to live within the restraints of City-States.  The once united states in the middle of the North American continent broke into three separate City-States which are surrounded by a vast Outland.  
     Nora Delaney's family lived in the area where the City-State of Heartland came into being.  Nora was born seventeen years after the war which destroyed most nations.  She grew up, married, and bore children all under the watchful eye of Heartland's governing system.  The rules and restrictions controlled every aspect of life.  Still, when compared with life in the Outland not many people rebelled.  Yet, when Nora finds her children in jeopardy, and a yearning for freedom rises within her, the choice she makes changes their lives forever. 

     Once she becomes an enemy of the City-State there is no going back. 
                                                   ~ * ~

       Legion's Land is the story of what might happen to people brought to the edge of extinction.  Men in positions of power find  the devastation brings opportunity.  The grab for power is on.  Citizens face a choice, safety under tyranny or freedom and possible death.
       An excerpt:           

     Nora's head ached as the patrol car bounced over the field. They had disabled every radio and tracking device they could find in the auto. Calvin was at the wheel, Rolan beside him, and Janna next to the door. Nora, with her girls, sat in the backseat. Supplies were in the large space behind the backseat. Janna and Rolan held backpacks on their laps, as did she, Celena and Maggie. Maggie's head was nodding she must be exhausted. Celena at the other extreme seemed completely wired.  
      Nora wished she'd be quiet. The giddy chatter was getting on everyone's nerves. She reached across Maggie and grasped Celena's arm.

   "Honey, please, we're all tired and scared. Not so many questions."
    Cal leaned his head back toward them. "Don't scold her, Nora. I don't blame her. Wish I knew where we were going and what's to happen to us!"
   "You are kind, Calvin," Nora said. "We thank you both for helping us. Sorry for bringing all this down on you."
    Janna hugged Rolan. "It was this one, Nora. He's what did it."
    Rolan gasped as if what he'd done just hit him. "I'm sorry."
    Janna shook her head. "No, don't be. You did what you thought was right. You had to help the girls. How would you have felt if you let them take Maggie away?"
    The car hit one hard bump after another. Nora's stomach lurched and her head pounded.
     Maggie jolted awake.
"Momma? Where are we? Are they chasing us?" Maggie asked.
    "No, Mag, don't worry."
    Calvin drove with no headlights. He explained that they were crossing fields he knew. Fields that had only been planted a short time ago. They were not due for water until later in the week. Since rain was almost nonexistent in their area, there was no danger of being stuck. Cal was driving southeast. If they could get across the Arkansas River and go east, they should be in the free land between Heartland City-State and Freedom States City-State.
    This strip, running from the southern tip of the old state of Illinois across Missouri's boot heel and then across old Arkansas was approximately one hundred thirty miles wide. It cut diagonally across the old state from northeast to southwest. Once across the river and into the strip, they'd head southwest, Calvin told them.

     Janna passed a bag of dried apples back to Nora. "Not much, but should keep you from starving."
     "I don't know if I can keep anything down," Nora answered.
     "I can," Celena said. "I've never been this hungry."
      Rolan turned to smile at Celena. "Me neither."
     Maggie turned around, got to her knees and began rummaging in the boxes behind the seat. Nora tried to pull her down.
     "What are you doing, Mag?"
     "Getting something more to eat. There's other stuff back here. What good is getting away if we do starve?"

Will the escapees from Heartland City-State survive in the Outland where the ground has never been cleared of radiation, and where life forms have suffered drastic changes?  Find the answer in this exciting new novel.

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